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The Piedmont church of Christ Presents:

Truth for the World Bible Study Courses

Available by U.S. Mail or Email and always FREE!

We consider it an honor to be able to offer these great home bible study courses, by Truth for the World, free of any charge to those who have an interest in learning more of God's will for man. These courses emphasize the doctrines found only in the bible and contain no denominational dogma. Following is a description of the courses and contents:

Introductory Course: A brief one (two sides) page lesson of introduction to give us information as to your current level of knowledge and understanding of the bible and also to be able to know you. We hope to be your friend as well as your guide through these lessons.

Course # 1: Beginning Bible Studies (15 lessons in this booklet)

Course # 2: Intermediate Bible Studies: (15 lessons in this booklet)

Course # 3: The Church Of The Bible: (13 lessons in this booklet)

Course # 4: Advanced Bible Studies: (7 lessons in this booklet)

Course # 5: Survey Of The Old Testament: (18 lessons in this booklet)

Course # 6: Survey Of The New Testament: (13 lessons in this booklet)

To enroll in either the U.S.Mail or the Email courses, please click here and give us your preference along with your home address and email address.

Truth For The World is a non-profit, non-denominational organization located in Duluth, Georgia. In addition to their correspondence courses, they have radio broadcasts into approximately 75 foreign countries, they have distributed 41,797 bibles, 35,070 gospel books and 10,138,001 tracts. Plus, they have record of 12,549 known baptisms in response to their efforts.